What is this site?

Blockchurn is a mining blog. My name is Fabiano Calcioli.  I’m a 30 year old nerd, father, business owner, miner and crypto investor. Crypto mining and trading really is a hobby for me, and this little blog lets me vent and share my opinions with the world.

Over the years i have learnt a lot of lessons about mining and crypto investment, and this is a running summary. I have been highly successful in that time- making mostly correct decisions about investments both in coins and mining, leading to significant financial gains.  I hope that through sharing my opinion and experiences I can help others avoid any pitfalls I may fall into, and enjoy sharing in any gains I might make.

This is me.

I currently run a GPU farm split over 3 locations in the UK. The farms are a mixture of old and new GPU hardware, placed in various buildings, with various methods of cooling, power supply, operating systems, and mining various coins. I have experienced almost every angle of GPU mining over the years, so am well placed to share my experience. I also act as a mining consultant, assisting various international mining operations maximize their profits.

If you’d like to get in touch use the contact form to drop me a line using the contact form. If you are interested in partnering on a project, advertising on this site, I am always interested. I am also always looking for content or subjects to write about, so if you feel you have an interesting project on the go feel free to get in touch and share.