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Today we’re going to talk about how to mine LUX coin. LUX is a coin you’ve probably only just heard about, which is a shame because if you’d heard about it earlier you’d probably be a touch richer right now. I’m not going to talk about if it’s legitimate, the secret dev team, or anything else, this guide is just how to mine LUX coin.

Mining LUX is also super profitable at the moment, not only because of the raw returns per hash, but also once you’ve earned them you can earn even more by leaving them in a wallet and earning a Proof Of Stake reward. LUX uses a variation of the SGMiner software, updated to run a new PHI algorithm specific to LUX coin.

I’ve recently moved a few of my rigs over from mining Eth and Zec to LUX. At today’s rates, i’ve increased my daily profit ~75% by doing this, so let’s look quickly at what I did and how I did it. Getting LUX set up to mine was a little more complex than other miners, if only due to the total lack of information available online.  There is only one guide I could find online about how to mine, and it didn’t result in a working miner. So let me try. I had real problems with the LUX miner crashing straight to windows without an error message, but i eventually fixed it.

This guide is for AMD mining on Windows. For alternative combos, you’ll need alternative software and settings.

Note: Once you’ve got the miner working, read my article about how to tune it here.

Stage 1: Download the Miner

The file is here. Remember this is AMD, and Windows (64 bit) only. If it asks for a password to unzip it is elbandiminer don’t ask me why it has a password, it shouldn’t. This info may not be valid after future updates. If a virus software tags it, it is a false positive like with most miners, so whitelist it.

Stage 2: Download the wallet software, and pick a pool.

The wallet software for windows is here. Download and install it. You’ll need to let it download the blockchain, which may take a while.

You’ll then need to pick a pool to mine on. I recommend as they provide a very thorough support service on discord, and seem to have good uptime and low fees.

Stage 3: Create a bat file and start.

Or just download my BAT file and modify it to suit you from here.

So most miners come with a “Start” bat file for you to edit. SGMiner does not, so you have to make your own. So do the following:

  • Create a new folder somewhere, name it SGMiner  (or whatever you like), and unzip the contents of the miner’s ZIP file you downloaded into it. The password is elbandiminer if you need it.
  • In that folder, right click on some white space, choose new, then text document. Rename that text document to whatever you like, it doesn’t matter what. I called mine Start.
  • Now, open the new text document, and in it paste:



sgminer.exe -k phi -o stratum+tcp://pool.port -u walletaddress -p c=LUX -I 20 – –gpu-platform 1 2>log.txt


As a more complete example, here is my exact config file:


sgminer.exe -k phi -o stratum+tcp:// -u LMMLQvz3ZZo6R29vZM7gCgBQUsvyGYChjh -p c=LUX -I 20 – –gpu-platform 1 2>log.txt

  • Now, go to Save As, in the “SAVE AS TYPE” box, choose “All Files”, and in the file name box, save the file as whatever.bat, this will create a BAT file, that you can click on to start the miner.
  • You should now just click your bat file, which should just run.


So I learnt a few things during the process.

  • The command ––gpu-platform 1 is necessary for AMD cards on most newer systems, without it the miner will just crash to desktop. I’ve found that with some recent AMD drivers I had to use gpu-platform 2 instead.  The correct syntax for this is with the two short dashes (––) before it, if you try to run it with one dash or one longer dash then the miner will give an error. Getting this wrong leads to Unexpected extra command line arguments error in the log file. When you copy and paste my text, it may or may not copy and paste the two dashes correctly and will probably paste longer dashes. Manually make sure there are two short dashes before the gpu-platform command, otherwise it won’t work.
  • Older systems where there is no built in GPU on the CPU will not require gpu-platform 1, either delete it it or replace the 1 with a 0.
  •  The command  2>log.txt creates a log file you can use to see errors if the miner does just crash to desktop. If your miner does not crash to desktop, then this command isn’t really necessary.
  • The SGMiner is much more core speed dependant than other miners such as Claymores Eth and Zec miners. I was getting a low hash speed, which was fixed by resetting my overclock, and then improved further by overclocking the GPU core. I’m currently getting about 15.5MHz from each RX580 8GB card, @ 1400/2100 overclock. I think I can push them further.
  • Lower Intensity values slow the miner down a lot. At -I 10 I lost about 40% of performance, so go for I -20.
  • Windows Defender or other antivirus  may delete the .exe file, in which case your BAT wont work. Make sure the files are whitelisted on your antivirus. I had to disable Windows Defender in the registry to get it to stop deleting my .exe file.
  • SGMiner takes a lot longer to give you information than other mining software. Just wait, it may take a couple of minutes, but as long as the command prompt box is visually open, it’s working on starting. You only have a problem if it closes.
  • On one of my rigs, it would randomly crash out without an error, and the log showed it found graphics cards correctly, and didn’t give an error log before closing. Creating a new windows user and trying again fixed that problem.


  1. Error: clEnqueueReadBuffer failed error -5. (clEnqueueReadBuffer)
    GPU 0 failure, disabling!

    This is my error message when i use your .bat file.
    can you help me solving it?

    • Hey Faboo.
      Thank you so much for this.

      Im using RX580 and i got this error when starting the .bat file.

      [12:10:25] WTF MUTEX ERROR ON LOCK! errno=0 in ../adl.c lock_adl():184
      [12:10:25] WTF MUTEX ERROR ON LOCK! errno=0 in ../adl.c lock_adl():184
      [12:10:25] WTF MUTEX ERROR ON LOCK! errno=0 in ../adl.c lock_adl():184
      [12:10:25] WTF MUTEX ERROR ON LOCK! errno=0 in ../adl.c lock_adl():184
      [12:10:25] WTF MUTEX ERROR ON LOCK! errno=0 in ../adl.c lock_adl():184

      shud i have a config file in the folder as well?

      This is my bat file:

      setx GPU_FORCE_64BIT_PTR 0
      setx GPU_MAX_HEAP_SIZE 100
      setx GPU_MAX_ALLOC_PERCENT 100

      sgminer.exe -k phi -o stratum+tcp:// -u LaCQnN7NN7ESCxpmneXBvUa1WfUuZ7Mjrd -p c=LUX -I 20 –thread-concurrency 4608 –gpu-threads 6 –nfactor 10

      no idea why this is happening

      Your help is much much much appreciated sir!

  2. Great article!
    What mining hardware was needed? Can you list full set up?

    Also what is your mining profit returns as of Jan 17?

    Amazing article I am keen to get started

    • Hey Jim.

      I’m running 14 RX580 8gb, 2 RX480 8gb, and 3 RX480 4gb cards on lux specifically, spread over 6 rigs. I also have a lot of older card rigs, but those mine ZEC. I average about 280Mhs, which returns about 4Lux/day right now. It’s highly profitable, provided you don’t overpay for GPUs upfront.

  3. Faboo, with what OC program are you overclocking your RX580 ? Are you using right now the latest blockchain driver (adrenalin), or the one before? Because with the newer one we cannot use msi afterburner

    • I’m using Afterburner. I ended up back on 17.12.1 drivers. I’ve not really noticed much performance differences between the driver packages.

  4. Nice tutorial!
    But what happens to me is that the prompt stays open but it’s completely empty. The log file shows that everything should be Ok but no mining takes place (rig pulls 190w from the wall when the miner is running, idle).

    Adding a piece from my log:
    [11:22:03] [THR0] Generated stratum merkle 17545ba29d1c669e0639c0637e97bbb1b8a009390941560cc3e7d4a62876791b
    [11:22:03] [THR0] Generated stratum header 00000007a71bb51f4954232624d9ae64a956577b31fb178802e1b97259ec259ef46d9d0217545ba29d1c669e0639c0637e97bbb1b8a009390941560cc3e7d4a62876791b5a64e85b1b04edc900000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
    [11:22:03] [THR0] Work job_id 177 nonce2 7 ntime 5a64e85b
    [11:22:03] data 00000007a71bb51f4954232624d9ae64a956577b31fb178802e1b97259ec259ef46d9d0217545ba29d1c669e0639c0637e97bbb1b8a009390941560cc3e7d4a62876791b5a64e85b1b04edc900000000 midstate 6038f2f78293380fd436d5ae62a8f59a255f8b626b1591c7db722d97dd2fc5cf4ce3d67623c7d5868043dfd1628a0a7dfd66af1d743c3d3b801c5253ecde3ce6
    [11:22:03] [THR0] Generated target 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000068aa42000000
    [11:22:03] Generated stratum work
    [11:22:03] [THR0] Pushing work from to hash queue
    [11:22:03] API not running – API will not be available

    Is it trying to mine or what is it doing exactly?
    Never have used anything besides Claymore so everything is really new to me with sgMiner.

    Thanks for any help!

    • Hey. It’s not super clear from that. Can you paste in your config file? Did you try just waiting, sometimes it takes 5+ minutes to get started. Pressing “G” also sometimes makes it move things along.

  5. I have been using it for a few days it worked pretty well with stock(not OC) card. first it crashed just when i oc’d it(very slighly) when but now i am getting errors even when stock settings are selected. 1 or 2 gpu showing 511C degrees?! happens on every rigs that i have.It goes well for 15-30 min and then fans suddenly blowing 100% and pc freezes

    • 511c is wrong, it would pop. The probe may be damaged. The card may well be overheating though. I’d check the temperature in some other software. The card may be faulty and need returning to the store.

      • Temperature of each card is around 72c when mining. i happens on random card every time, not always the same card. i tried to unplug few of them to see if it was the psu, but it happened anyway. i am running dual 750w so i dont think power could be the case. when i am running on other algo’s i doesnt happen. i can reach close to 900h/s by card fully overclocked in cryptonight electroneum and everything run smoothly…

          • i have blockchain driver crimson 17.30.1029 right now. do you have another one to suggest? i’ll give it a shot.

          • I’m using 17.12.1, which seem to work okay. Make sure you use amd driver cleaner tool first to make sure its all cleaned up.

          • NVM, i had intensity set at 23.. i think that’s why. My bad. Changed it and i have been running smooth for the last 4-5 hrs. “-i 21” is just fine. i didn’t had to change drivers.

          • Ah cool, good job. My tests all showed that i20 gave a better average speed than any higher settings. I’d suggest you make a note of your average speeds at 21, then let it run 20 for a few hours and see if the number is higher.

  6. specfied platform doesnt exist then crashes to desktop
    antivirus disabled
    tried command 1 same thing
    command 2 same thing
    command 0 opens up the miner but doesnt work no temp increase no nothing
    can you help

      • I don’t know so much about wallet issues. Your money will arrive eventually, but you should ask on discord or reddit for help with resolving why the wallet isnt synching.

      • you need to back up your wallet.dat file and download the newest wallet..then replace the new wallet.dat with your own and restart the wallet

    • 0 is probably the right setting then. Does the miner say anything when you use 0, or just stay blank? Did you try just waiting, sometimes it takes quite a long time to start.

  7. mi sgminer when i start it it close automatic
    im reciving [15:11:25] Algorithm phi not found, using ckolivas.
    [15:11:25] Set default algorithm to ckolivas

    my bat file is this

    sgminer.exe -k phi -o stratum+tcp:// -u mywalladres -p c=LUX -I 20 – –gpu-platform 1 2>log.txt

    • You need to use short dashes. You have two long dashes infront of gpu-platform. Make it two short dashes with no space between them instead.

  8. Hi im running this on 4x RX 570 4gb ITX compacts and getting 11.6/9GH per card, I am running Afterburner with the Core at 1263 and Memory at 1395. Im running the 17.7 Blockchain driver (Relive). Is there a way of increasing the hash to more like 14/15?

  9. Hi. Great article. However i am using GTX1080ti

    my .bat file is this

    sgminer.exe -k phi -o stratum+tcp:// -u LiNMdmnrbpJDgrW9qp8Tc6f5EYurAdwrzC -p c=LUX -I 20

    It keeps on coming up with this error. Any ideas?

    In file i[17:27:21] Failed to init GPU thread 0, disabling device 0
    [17:27:21] Restarting the GPU from the menu will not fix this.
    [17:27:21] Re-check your configuration and try restarting.
    Press enter to continue:

  10. I have been trying to setup sgminer for LUX mining but the miner crashes instantly.. struggling to find a fix…

    Error log
    [12:54:13] Set default algorithm to phi
    [12:54:13] Global quota greatest common denominator set to 1
    [12:54:13] Started sgminer 5.6.1-bitbandi-3
    [12:54:13] * using Jansson 2.7
    [12:54:14] CL Platform vendor: Intel(R) Corporation
    [12:54:14] CL Platform name: Intel(R) OpenCL
    [12:54:14] CL Platform version: OpenCL 2.1
    [12:54:14] Error -1: Getting Device IDs (num)
    [12:54:14] clDevicesNum returned error, no GPUs usable
    [12:54:14] Default Devices = all
    [12:54:14] set_devices(all)
    [12:54:14] Loading settings from default_profile for pool 0
    [12:54:14] Pool 0 Algorithm set to “phi”
    [12:54:14] Pool 0 devices set to “all”
    [12:54:14] Pool 0 lookup gap set to “(null)”
    [12:54:14] Pool 0 Intensity set to “20”
    [12:54:14] Pool 0 Thread Concurrency set to “(null)”
    [12:54:14] Pool 0 GPU Clock set to “(null)”
    [12:54:14] Pool 0 GPU Memory clock set to “(null)”
    [12:54:14] Pool 0 GPU Threads set to “(null)”
    [12:54:14] Pool 0 GPU Fan set to “(null)”
    [12:54:14] Pool 0 GPU Powertune set to “(null)”
    [12:54:14] Pool 0 GPU Vddc set to “(null)”

    Start BAT config

    sgminer.exe -k phi -o stratum+tcp:// -u LTzQoJws1nEtDggsw7sjt9qo3QbEyupKi7 -p c=LUX -I 20 2>log.txt

    Any help is much appreciated

    • [12:54:14] Error -1: Getting Device IDs (num)
      [12:54:14] clDevicesNum returned error, no GPUs usable

      This means you need to add ––gpu-platform 2 or ––gpu-platform 1, one or the other should work. Use short dashes, not the long ones ive used.

  11. The version of the miner is much better than the one you linked, according to my tests. While I was able to get 17MH/s on my RX580s w/, the power draw was way too high, and I ended up settling around 16MH/s for about 135W. With the same exact configs, got me 17MH/s for only 5W more (140W).

    It was also much better for my Vegas – on, 56s were running around 22.5-23MH/s, but completely unstable, and 64s were only getting around 26.5-27MH/s, with many settings being completely unresponsive. On, 56s are now stable around 24.5MH/s @ 180W (think these can still do better,) and 64s are settled in around 29.25MH/s @200W.

    • That is really interesting, it didn’t even occur to me to test the old version. I’ll run some tests and update the article. Thanks 😀

      • No prob – hope it’s the same for you… Only reason I tried it was because my Vegas weren’t performing to expectations (according to the little info out there,) and I ended up coming across one comment in the lux bitcointalk thread where someone said the older one was better. At first I thought that might have meant a different fork of sgminer, but when I couldn’t find any other one w/ phi implemented, I tried as a last resort, and it ended up doing the trick, while also bringing my 580s along for the ride 🙂

        • Testing on one rig… looks like you’re totally right! 15.4 becomes 16.6 @ stock. That’s a pretty huge difference! More testing to do, but I think you are on to something here 😀

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