What Coin to Buy: Etherium Rating

Etherium Suggested Exchange: Poloniex.com
Etherium Rating: BUY
Etherium Ticker: ETH

Etherium is the darling of most investors right now. It’s technological advantage over most other coins made it the fastest growing market cap of the last year, sitting now second only to bitcoin. The broad agreement that Etherium is likley to be the crytocurrency that gains broad use in society in the future keeps on pushing it’s value higher, sitting at the time of writing at around $330 USD/coin.

Etherium is a fairly low risk proposition right now as far as crypto goes. The strong supportive sentiment in the market means there are plenty of buyers out there which should keep prices high, with any crashes seen as buying opportunities leading to it bouncing back fairly quickly. I would note that the market cap is now some 40% that of bitcoin, and I would predict that it’s surpassing bitcoin is highly unlikely without more real world transaction adoption, therefore don’t expect the gains of hundreds of percentage points that can be found on smaller market cap or pre-growth-spurt coins. I’d expect to see a fairly stable price relationship between BTC and ETH that has been developing since late July continue moving forward towards into the winter of 2017- pending of course any major market shake ups that may occur.

Etherium then in my opinion presents a solid low risk investment providing strong stable growth, and is probably the right place to start for most investors looking to try their hand at crypto trading outside of just buying bitcoins.


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