What Coin to Buy: ZEC Rating

Z-Cash Suggested Exchange: Poloniex.com
Z-Cash Rating: BUY
Z-Cash Ticker: ZEC

ZEC over the last few months peaked at around $400 before dropping back below the $200 mark. Prior to that ZEC had been roughly following the value of ETH, with investors treating the two with preference due to the quality of their underlying technologies. Now with ETH pushing up towards $300, ZEC is somewhat of a bargain. ZEC remains a core technology with great potential as a totally untraceable coin, which should push it’s popularity in darknet markets and asset-disguisers going forward.  ZEC also benefits from a decentralised distribution in the form of mining- meaning no one party has the ability to sell large blocks of “premined” coins forcing the price down (excluding the founders reward, which is limited to 10%). Z-Cash also currently enjoys a 1 month long uptrend, bucking the current downtrend held by most alt coins.

Z-Cash therefore receives a BUY rating for August 2017, while it remains between 200 and 320 USD per coin. Target price for September is $350.

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