What Coin to Buy: BitCoin Cash Rating

Bitcoin Cash Suggested Exchange: Poloniex.com
Bitcoin Cash Rating: SELL
Bitcoin Cash Ticker: BCH

Bitcoin Cash is forked from Bitcoin- everybody who held Bitcoin on the August 1st 2017 fork automatically suddenly also had the same volume Bitcoin Cash. That means for every bitcoin you had, you gained a significant asset increase- especially if you held for a few weeks. Bitcoin Cash could have very quickly become valueless, however enthusiastic investors settled on a value up nearly as a high as $1000, before it began to head back down. The fact is Bitcoin Cash currently holds the 3rd highest market cap of any coin out there- despite being less than a month old at the time of writing. So not only is this a new currency- but it’s one that enjoyed a huge 50% growth in just a few days. It is very rare for a currency to hold that kind of gain without a dive. We would recommend passing on Bitcoin Cash while the price settles- it’s likley to fall further as all those large wallets holding large amounts of free BCH sell up while it is valuable. That it has a psychological link to BitCoin appears to be the only reason this coin gained so much value at all, in a world full of emerging technological crypto advances, there seems very little reason for it to hold that value for any length of time.

We rate BCH as a SELL, at any price. Predicted price for September is $390.00

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