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Cryptocoins are here to stay. I think that is now clear. Various blockchain technologies now exist, built into a multitude of various coins each fighting for use. As it stands most are being held by investors, and only a very few have actually made it into day-to-day use in a practical sense as a currency. Bitcoin is accepted in lots of shops, and Etherium seems to be heading that way. Other coins are taking a more pragmatic approach to the creation of value- attaching themselves to a more complex model of creating value beyond the standard fiat currency method. BlockCDN Tocken is a new currency approaching IPO that seems to fit into this category.

BlockCDN Token is an all new currency, based on the same blockchain technology as Etherium. However, they have taken a strategy around providing value to the miner and the client, through the use of distributed CDN. CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. The team behind BlockCDN have spotted the fact that in this modern world, content is king. The content delivery industry is already worth $3.7bn according to the BlockCDN whitepaper and is expected to more than triple by 2020. Centralisation of content delivery to major data centers is not strictly necessary- anybody with an electronic device with a bit of storage and an internet connection could in theory be used as part of a distributed content delivery network. Silly as it sounds, any IoT device with the right software could in theory make up part of a CDN. That’s not to say the latest Game of Thrones episode is ever going to be downloadable from your IoT Toaster- but in theory we could one day live in a world where that happens. You read it here first, folks.

In a more practical sense, your home computer or office network has plenty of unused resources most of the time. BlockCDN seeks to utilise those excess resources and make your computer part of a CDN. The customer buying that delivery capacity pays BlockCDN, and you the host receives a payment in BlockCDN Tokens, which can in  turn be sold or traded on an exchange for bitcoins or traded for goods as usual. BlockCDN benefit thereby create a large CDN, without the need for any kind of datacenter, which  in turn allows them to offer content delivery as a hugely competitive price compared to the rest of the market and in theory then score enough contracts to keep you, the “miner” busy. Meanwhile miners benefit from a clear social conscience, knowing that unlike with most coins, they are not simply burning electricity to no real end during the mining process. It’s hard to argue with the solidity of BlockCDN’s logic here- they, their client, the end user, and the miner all benefit from the arrangement. BlockCDN have found such a sensible use of Etherium’s Smart Contract technology that Vitalik Buterin himself, founder of Etherium has been photographed apparently lending his approval to the project. As the man considered the new founding father of modern crypto, that is a big nod for the project to get.

BlockCDN are launching an initial sale of the tokens on the 30th of August for one month to get the tokens into circulations. At the time of writing we don’t know if any major western exchanges will be listing the coin- but it looks like it should be available on the Chinese exchanges. Early bird purchasers will get an 8% bonus, but you will need to be quick as that only lasts a few days. Whether or not the tokens themselves go on to achieve value is yet to be seen, but the project has certainly marked itself out as one to watch.

Further information is available in the official whitepaper.



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