Ethminer.exe has stopped working

Ethminer.exe has stopped working

This error happened to me on an RX480 rig I have running on Windows 10. Claymore’s Eth Miner would crash every time- but Claymore’s ZEC miner worked fine, which told me the error was related to the miner software not the hardware. Every time I opened the miner it would get as far as creating the DAG files, then say ‘Ethminer.exe has stopped working’ and the miner would instantly close. I needed a fix for this error, as I didn’t really want to be mining ZEC on a rig more suited to ETH.

A quick google suggested that deleting the DAG files should solve the problem. However I couldn’t find the DAG files! Windows 10 search feature is useless, and even after making hidden files visible i couldn’t find the DAG files in the appdata folder where the articles I was reading claimed they were.

Eventually I tried creating a new user in Windows. I figured if the DAG files were stored by user, then creating a new user should force the creation of new DAG files. This worked, and the computer is now correctly hashing away etherium.

So in conclusion, if you’re getting ‘Ethminer.exe has stopped working’ error, followed by the miner closing, try creating a new user within windows.  That should fix it.

As a note, a full hard drive also causes this error, so check your drive isn’t full, too.


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